AeonSatori - EP (Epic Prog)

by AeonSatori

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I know that life is a looking glass I feel, the talons of time I see, the mountain before me I feel the motion emotion to climb — to climb You can do anything that life has to offer you Only you limit the sky You can do anything that life has to offer you Only you limit the sky — the sky See the quest before you – For future times we sow I feel a source divine – breathe light into my soul Cast away all doubts and fears that live inside your mind We'll carry on with focus high Look Up — I Look up to the heavens I feel it rain light behind my eyes Soar high – to the highest vibration Life holds no boundaries for us now… Go where the highest of dreams flow Where love comes so freely from all that life seems so hard to find the place where the highest of dreams flow The treasure is right before our eyes
Rise (EP) 08:26
i. Eye for an I Always those who will do what they can to undo what you have done. And round n round they spin and give into their darker sides that lie within and round n round again Into the night neglecting the light that shines within (shines within) within Can you hear us? Have you heard us? (One Eye!) One all seeing Eye has opened (One Lie!) To force all others closed (One Cry!) Its stare will bind & curse them over & over (One God!) Of their own making (One Face!) One Race to know its name (One Law!) Self Illuminated Order (Order from Order) And fear will show its reign While Kings of countless ages (One Race!) sit on undeserving thrones (One Law!) cultivating your surrender One World One Order March on New World Soldier (Enforcers of Disorder) Your force won’t enslave us now! March on Christian Soldier (Defenders of True Order) Release your Love to save us now! Rise! ••••••••••••••••••••••• ii. Bright Towers Be the light of every darkened sky (every dawn) Reaching through the Son, the Light, the One Sun Light One Let this Source of life flow into you, knowing that this moment holds all that there is to know Set this love and light within you (set it spinning & spinning) flowing through this moment, exploring this miracle – (of all that we truly are) When One touches a moment in time When One releases the Love that’s inside (we become bright towers glistening)
Sunlight falling down to us all Sunlight falling down to us all ahhhhh Sunlight falling down Gently falling down Sunlight is calling Sunlight is calling Sunlight is falling down Ahhhhh Sunlight falling Sunlight falling ••••••••••••••••••••••• ii. Shadow Plays Let the light shine through Let the light shine through Sunlight falling Sunlight falling Reaching -Calling -Rising -Lift me into your heart …… Sunlight falling Sunlight falling ••••••••••••••••••••••• iii. Celestial Dream (Summer wind like a warm voice calling they stir my thoughts below) Silent eyes turn up the sunlight calling Reaching deep within I feel I'm falling In light ... Believe I've lived before Sunlight falling Sunlight falling Silenced by the cold how lone this life is Our endless story told will be discarded Still I believe I live for more True skies... to find an opening door ••• I rise and fall my motion stall upon this gentle wind In rapture high I kiss the sky and new skies breathe again With upward glance the stars enchant and longing fills my soul I break through walls as blue skies fall I leave this world below da da da, da da da, da up da da da da, da da da, da up da As light beams fall drawn to their call I glide celestial winds My longing eyes traverse the skies till in your heart again And if by chance should dark advance and twilight steal my soul I'll break through walls as darkness falls to dream your light again Drawn into the flow how One this life is Each miracle I hold must be forgotten Still i believe i live for more Still i believe i live for more ••••••••••••••••••••••• iv. Enter the More Sunlight falling... Sunlight falling... Sunlight drifting falling… down


AeonSatori is happy to announce the release of their debut EP November 2015. The three tracks offered on this EP are raw pre-production recordings intended to give a glimpse of some of the exciting material being prepared for their soon to be released debut album (2017).


released December 1, 2015


all rights reserved



AeonSatori Los Angeles, California

AeonSatori captures this universality of spirit in euphoric visionary performances by a versatile family trio of music composers and performers Tyler, Jon and Jeff Timpe. An experience that transcends beyond the limits of a closed loop. Come join us as we travel the Vertical Axis to wonder beyond measure. ... more

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